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Oh, the glamour….

Isn’t that the picture that we all have of flight attendants? Glamorous?

There are some days where I do have a glamorous life and I do get to see amazing destinations and eat Gillatos in Italy.

But ooooh girl, the days that nobody talk about are some of the worst. The days when I get off a flight and kiss my boyfriend and he goes ” Fewy babe, sorry but you smell disgusting! Have you been in the garbage?”

Yip the odour of smelly feet, smelly breath, smelly toilets and a mix of briyani and who knows what else clings to my uniform like shit on a wool blanket.

Like many others I follow lots of flight attendants on social media and damn sometimes I do want to laugh at the illusion that’s being created.

For once I don’t want to see someone post all the “glamour” of their life.
I want to see real things, real experiences. I really couldn’t care less about your perfect little hair and your perfect little pictures.
Where are the days that we took pictures in the moment with our curly hair and enjoyed life without trying to make people think we are “upstairs” ?.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the glamour, dolled up selfie once in a while looking all fly.
I just need more realness in life right now without the whistles and bells.

The purpose of traveling for me is to find the small corner shop and enjoy coffee, to meet random people in strange places. I capture the picture of where i’m at in my mind and my purpose of visiting places is to enjoy the moment not to achieve the perfect selfie.

Live, live your life while you are there not to get likes.

A picture of you laughing without posing, curly hair, bare minimum make up is worth far more than your perfect posed selfie.

Let’s get real again 

This is me after flying for days. It’s 8pm and I am ready for bed with a cup of tea and my newest book The husband’s secret. I literally can’t put it down!